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Please follow the 3 steps below to calculate your CORID program.
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*How many animals do you need to treat?
*What is the average weight per animal? lbs. kg.
*Select one CORID program. 21-Day Coccidiosis Prevention
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$ 9.6% Per Gallon
$ 20% Per 10 oz. Packet
See your local Distributor for
amprolium-based crumbles and pricing.
$ 2.5% Per 50 lb. Bag
$ 1.25% Per 50 lb. Bag
  Please select a CORID (amprolium) formulation using the four tabs below. When changing the input data above, re-click the tabs below to refresh your results.  
CORID 9.6% Oral Solution CORID 20% Soluble Powder CORID 2.5% Crumbles CORID 1.25% Crumbles

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How much CORID do I need for


How much CORID do I give one
lb. animal per day?


How much CORID do I give to the full group of animals per day?

What is my CORID cost per lb. animal?

What is my total CORID cost for animals for days?

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Important Safety Information: Withdraw 24 hours before slaughter. Do not use in calves to be processed for veal.
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